Country bathroom ideas

‘As with any room, you should always start with what the house can give you. If it’s a seventeenth- or eighteenth-century timber-and-brick construction, strip it back to expose some interior detail of its origin – whether that is a cross beam, an A-frame or a high, sloping window. Bathrooms don’t have to have plumb walls, clean lines or overly neat junctions, as long as what you do is beautifully done.

‘Roll-top baths are a classic component, but I’d advise against positioning one up against a painted or wallpapered wall. If you splish and splash, the water will permeate the wall and cause problems, and you’ll end up having to repaint or repaper every 18 months. Instead, if you have the space, place the bath closer to the middle of the room. Underfloor heating and bathmats will protect the floor. If you want modern touches such as speakers, you can get them plastered into the ceiling so that they don’t stand out in a bathroom with a classic style,’ advises designer Sarah Stewart-Smith.

The most successful bathrooms are so much more than just spaces in which to perform your daily ablutions. Rather, they are lovely and inviting rooms, decorated to delight, but never at the expense of their practical requirements. A perfect recipe for relaxation.

See below to get inspired by our pick of the most beautiful country bathrooms…

Free DIY Farmhouse Table Plans to Give a Rustic Feel to Your Dining Room

1. The Bright Kitchen Table


When I first saw this table I immediately felt like it belonged in a room with lots of windows and fresh breezes blowing through.

And it is the solid wood top with the white legs that give this kitchen table a brighter feel. So if you’d like a farmhouse table that brings a breath of fresh air with it then this could be it.

2. DIY Farmhouse Table


This table doesn’t have the same finished look that many tables do. But if you are like me and love the rustic appeal then you’d probably adore this table.

And it appears to be extremely sturdy which is really important if you are planning on having many years of memories made around it. Or if you have a large family like I do.

3. The Large Farmhouse Table


I need this table in my life. I’m being serious. It holds up to 8 people and is beautiful to boot.

So if you need to have plenty of seating while also having a rustic appeal in the process then this table just might be what you’ve been searching for.

4. The Outdoor Farmhouse Table


This is not your traditional farmhouse table. But if you love to entertain and have a beautiful outdoor living space then you might really love and need this table.

And it is big enough to hold most any size family. Which is great news for people that have a lot of people to join them around their table.

5. Farmhouse Table With Bench

I love this table. It looks so welcoming and can hold quite a few people as well. To me, having a large kitchen table equates to having a welcome spot for many to come and gather.

So if you want this type of space in your home then consider this table. The bench makes for a comfortable space to eat or talk for hours.

6. The Rustic Farmhouse Table


This table is absolutely gorgeous. I love how they took mismatched chairs and placed them around it. It certainly gives this table even more character.

But I also love how simple the build appears. The design is basic and sturdy. Which would make this a perfect table for anyone as long as they had some carpentry skills.

7. The Easy Farmhouse Table


The design of this farmhouse table is one that even those with very little carpentry skills could master.

And it holds quite a few people as well. So if you desire a simple table with the farmhouse charm then consider this table.

Build this table ›

8. The Wide Farmhouse Table


This farmhouse table is extra wide. To be honest, I think it would be an amazing table to have to serve Thanksgiving dinner on.

And you wouldn’t need a leaf or anything of the sort. You could literally fit a full spread on this giant table.

9. The Gigantic Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse tables are supposed to be big. But this one absolutely takes the cake. From what I see, you could easily fit 10 people around this one table.

But obviously, this would take a larger kitchen or dining room to hold it. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of space. But if you do then go for this table. It’d be hard to outgrow.

10. The Cherished Table


This table is so unique because of the different accents they added to it. But yet simple enough that it could be easily built.

So if you need a table that will be easy for you to build regardless of carpentry level. But still able to be dressed up to fit your unique style then consider this table.

11. The Double Bench Farmhouse Table

I love benches at tables. We actually have one at our kitchen table. And the reason is that it is so easy to slide in as many people as necessary.

But I also love how simple the design of this table is. It is classic and gorgeous. And could be made as modern or as rustic as your tastes desire.

12. The Simple Farmhouse Table With Benches


This is another farmhouse table that I adore because of the seating and design. I love the design because of how simple it is.

And I could imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to build. But I love the seating too because of the benches. It seems to have a welcoming feel to it.

13. The Modern Farmhouse Table


This is an extremely basic design for a farmhouse table. It would be very easy for almost anyone to build.

But they added a modern twist to a simple design with the seating. So you could make this table as rustic or modern as you preferred.

14. The Simple White Farmhouse Table

This design is another that appears to be rather simple to build. The chairs are a little more complex. But with the right carpentry skills, you should be able to build them just fine.

However, this table stands out a little more than some of the others because of the wooden top and painted legs. So if you want a farmhouse table that might stand out a little extra then consider this design.

15. The Simple Farm Table


This table is another one that is very basic. The table design itself looks super simple. And building the bench doesn’t appear that challenging either.

But the chairs could be purchased or built depending upon your carpentry skills. So if you’d like a table with plenty of seating and a simple design then check this one out.

16. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

This table looks very easy to construct. Plus it comes with two different styles of legs. So you can choose which style suits your needs the most.

But if you are someone that is looking for something that is easier to build then this style would probably suit you. And it would be gorgeous in almost any style of home.

17. Rustic Table With Wood Top


Let’s say you are someone like me and like things to look a little rustic and worn. Well, then you’ll probably like this table.

And I say that because it has a beautiful wood finished top. But the legs have a distressed look which often fits in well with the rustic, country charm.

18. Basic Double Bench Farmhouse Table


This table is another design that looks easier to build. But it also has plenty of room for lots of guests too.

And with two benches you could always have room to squeeze in a few extra people if needed. So if you are looking for a simple table that will match any home interior tastes then this could be it.

19. The Round Farm Table


This table is a little different from what most have in mind when they think of a farmhouse table. But it is still sturdy and nice to look at.

So if you don’t have a kitchen with room for a long rectangular table then you might want to consider this design. It still has farmhouse charm just in a different shape.

20. The Smaller Farmhouse Table

This farmhouse table still packs all of the charms of the bigger tables but would fit in smaller areas. And it has the cute benches to accompany it.

So if you like the farmhouse style but don’t have a tremendous amount of kitchen space then give this style a glance. You might find it is just what you’ve wanted.

21. Farmhouse Table Island


This is a really neat idea for people with limited kitchen space. If you like the farmhouse style then you’d love this design.

But this table can double as a kitchen island. So if you don’t have room for a larger table then consider this one that could actually serve two purposes.

The Coolest Hidden-Storage Coffee Tables That’ll Keep Your Living Room Clutter Free

No matter how big or small your home is, there never seems to be quite enough storage spaceto go around. That’s why it pays to sneak as much extra storage as you can into your space, so you can hide away clutter in style. And since your coffee table is probably always covered in stuff (think magazines, remotes, coasters, various knickknacks…), it only makes sense to get a coffee table that doubles as a place to stow away your stuff. And no, I’m not talking about getting a coffee table with a bottom shelf—I mean a table complete with secret, hidden storage compartments, like pop-up tops and unsuspecting drawers. Your living room will look so much neater, and you’ll feel a little bit like a secret agent, so it’s really a win-win situation.

1Mid-Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table

One section of this table is an open shelf with a marble top, the other? A top that pops up and out so you can stow things away inside.

2Safavieh Lift Top Rectangular Coffee Table

Lift up the top panel on this table to reveal a treasure trove of hidden storage inside.

3Ya Ya Coffee Table

Looks like a simple white coffee table with a wooden tray on top, right? Wrong. The inside is hollowed out, and the tray is actually a lid.

4Union Rustic Lift Top Storage Coffee Table

The rustic finish on this coffee table and the gold-brushed legs are cool enough, but the pop-up top makes it even better.

5Soto Coffee Table

Display magazines and collectibles in the glass-topped shelf section of this coffee table, and store extra stuff in the flip-down side drawer.

6Naya Pop-Up Coffee Table

The facets along the side give this otherwise simple pop-up storage coffee table a whole lot of extra interest.

7Glass-Topped Industrial Storage Coffee Table

No lift tops here, but if you look veryclosely, you’ll see that the bottom shelf is actually equipped with two drawers.

8Cornelia Lift Top Coffee Table

This coffee table may not seem like it has much room to spare, but the top pops open and reveals some storage space for smaller, shorter items.

9Arka Glass Insert Black Storage Coffee table

The open, glass-topped section is great for displaying a few decorative items, but the best part is that both sides of this coffee table are home to storage compartments.

10Densen Lift Top Coffee Table

Not only does the top on this coffee table lift up, but there’s also a convenient little drawer on the side for items you want to have easier access to.

20 Fancy Bathroom Designs

  • 1 Fancy That: Beautiful Bathrooms From Vintage to Modern
    luxurious bathroom

     PhotoTalk / Getty Images

    Your love for decorating doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom door. Continue your style into this traditionally private place by enhancing with high quality materials and features that transform it into an elegant and restorative space. Stone—like marble, travertine, and porcelain—along with rich, warm woods; beautiful fabrics and upholstery; and reflective crystal chandeliers and glass mirrors all help to create hotel- or spa-like escapes.

    Whether it’s a master or en-suite, powder room, or regular bathroom, consult an interior designer or other professional to help guide you through the process, from creating more space to choosing materials. Opt for a clutter-free environment free of personal products, wet towels, and soiled clothing.

    Features That Add Luxury

    Consider adding features to what can be a very utilitarian space that emphasize your personal style and glamour, including:

    • Chandeliers
    • Wall sconces
    • Unique lighting fixtures (think modern shapes like orbs)
    • Seating, like a pouf, lounge chair, or vanity chair
    • Slip-resistant rugs
    • Mirrors: Including antique and modern fog-free styles
    • Showers: Designed for two, with steam generators, and body sprays
    • Toilets: Bidets, “smart”, or Japanese-style washlets, with convenient controls for washing, drying, warming the seat, disguising sounds, etc.
    • Concealing the toilet: Popular options include creating a niche or closet/room with a separate door to take care of business in privacy
    • Bathtubs: A freestanding tub can be the room’s focal point. Models range from sleek designs to reproduction claw-foots to wood and even cast-concrete
    • A vanity: Either a separate built-in, or creating more counter space by eliminating double sinks
    • High-end fixtures and hardware, like faucets and towel hooks
    • Extras, if space allows, for luxuries like saunas, spa or whirlpool tubs, and side-by-side soaking tubs.
    • Fine art: Paintings, even sculpture
    • Built-in, discrete storage for everything from shampoo bottles to cleaners to towels

    A bathroom is the one room you start and end your day, so make it special. Ready for some fancy ideas? Enjoy 32 bathroom designs from Baroque to modern.

  • 2 Reflections
    luxurious bathroom design

     Val Riolo for Tracie Butler Interior Design

    Tracie Butler Interior Design continues the bedroom suite’s design into the bathroom by using a mirrored vanity, mosaic-style mirror, and tile mosaics in the custom-designed shower. While a dark pink tufted velvet chair with lucite legs is definitely a focal point, other aspects are eye-catchers, like the vintage-stye leaf-pattern wall covering.

  • 3 All About the Tub
    luxurious bathroom ideas

     Jolie Korek

    Remarkably, this house was built around a custom-designed silver travertine tub, which sits in front of a large window that offers a view of a nature preserve and breathtaking sunsets. Designed by Jolie Korek & Company, the bathroom includes a trough sink top that matches the stone tub, along with shower walls and a floating vanity wall made of Skyline’s Marble Slides polished mosaic. The étagère and vanity base are trimmed in walnut with Macassar ebony, while wood trim is stained-grey hickory. When not reflecting the owners’ images, the mirror doubles as a TV. Flooring is also Skyline marble. The modern Bari chandelier is by Hudson Valley in polished chrome.

  • 4 Sea View
    luxurious bathroom with ocean view

     Huw Lambert Photography

    The aim of this design was to evoke a sense of tranquility, according to Lexis Design, who let the spectacular ocean view be a natural focal point. Clean, smooth surfaces include Pietra Gray marble with a porcelain wall inspired by ancient Japanese fields of harvested rice.

  • 5 Tile Rug
    luxurious bathroom pictures


    For a home in Scottsdale, Arizona, Ernesto Garcia Interior Design created an exquisite floor detail designed with mosaic tiles that claims the territory of a rug with more permanence. Intended to be the most ornamental element in the room, the tile rug establishes the palette. Mosaic tile designs are repeated on walls and panels throughout the bathroom. The linen cabinet was also custom designed.

  • 6 Tuscan Retreat
    luxurious bathrooms

     Debra Kay George

    In the beautiful California coastal city of Carpenteria, Debra Kay George Interiors created a large Tuscan-style bathroom for a 10,000-square-foot estate that features a dome ceiling faux finished to match a stone mosaic, created by Buena Vista Faux and Mural. Other details include custom-made curved-front wood vanities, marble molding cut to arch around the mirrors, handmade wrought-iron lighting, and Giallo Reale marble flooring.


  • 7 American Estate
    luxurious bathroom

     Richard Manion

    Located in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills, this brick and stone estate designed by Richard Manion Architecture integrates the elegance of an English country house. Custom appointments include a tile rug design and wood cabinetry that house a bathtub and linens.


  • 8 Gilded Age
    luxurious bathroom

     Grace Designs

    The original plan was to raze the existing bathroom of this Dallas home and make it larger. As construction progressed, Gracie Reed of Grace Designs flexed her creative muscles. Among her ideas: to crate an arching window above the bathtub and barrel the ceiling. The arch shape was echoed in doors and the shower enclosure. The linen closet and vanities have specialty finishes using Modellopatterns that were applied using Venetian metallic plaster and glazes. Cabinet and drawer pulls are made of mother-of-pearl.

  • 9 Lux Boudoir
    luxurious bathroom

     Jane Beiles

    A boudoir-style bathroom for an estate in New Jersey includes custom-made vanities painted with Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray- HC-168 and topped with a 2-inch-thick white marble slab. Designed by Susan Glick Interiors, the space also features tailor-made details like framed-mirror medicine cabinets, lucite vanity pulls, and 3D hexagonal white Carrara (with light gray veining) marble tiled wall.

  • 10 Asian-Organic Fusion
    luxurious bathroom

     Chris Little

    Pebble-shaped Foscarini Gregg pendant lights suspended over an oval tub invite a view into a lush Georgia yard. Created by Rabaut Design Associates, the bathroom features Gray Natural Q-stone porcelain wall tile, with Ann Sacks KOI ceramic accent tiles.

  • 11 Bathroom Made for a Rockefeller
    luxurious bathrooms

     Vicente Burin

    It took a crane to lift the bathtub made of solid Carrara marble through the second-story window at an estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, that was once owned by the Rockefeller family. Designed by Vicente Burin Architects, the exquisite white bathroom is for the lady of the house; her husband’s is across the hall and sports dark colors and finishes. In the space that was once a small master bath and two servants’ bedrooms, the new bathroom features a fireplace, custom-designed millwork and cabinetry, along with flooring, shower, and pilasters made of Thassos, Badiglio, and Carrara marbles. Designed with privacy in mind, the door to the left of the shower leads to the water closet, while the one to the right ushers you into a walk-in closet.

  • 12 Boston Victorian
    luxurious bathrooms

     Jeffrey Delvy

    A series of small rooms were transformed into a larger bathroom of a Victorian townhouse in Boston that spans between the master bedroom and sitting room. Designer Jeffrey Delvy found French doors from 1870 that were centered on the wall opposite the bathtub, reflected in the mirror. Carrara marble was used for the walls and sinks, which were made by with reclaimed and replated metal legs. Not everything is vintage: the mirrors are touch-latched to reveal medicine cabinets.

  • 13 Urban Regency
    luxurious bathrooms

     BAC Photography

    Right off, a turquoise tub is an eye-catcher. Greige subway tile walls mixed with marble and gold hardware and accents make for a perfect mash-up of Hollywood Regency meets urban chic. Designed by Eco Choice Interiors, this remodeled en-suite bath in Newnan, Georgia, includes marble countertops, custom cabinetry, artwork over the hand-painted tub, and French doors leading to the outdoors.

  • 14 Going for Baroque
    luxurious bathroom

     MI Designs

    “Let them eat cake,” said Marie Antoinette, who would be right at home in this Baroque Beverly Hills bathroom that features a marble-edged tub with room for bath oils, bubbles, afternoon tea and macarons. Created by MI Design, this wonderfully decadent dream space includes antique mirrors, an ornate candelabra and amethyst chandelier, and a Pistachio-colored vanity to powder your wig. Topping it off: a vaulted (domed) ceiling with chubby cherubs.

  • 15 Modern Palette
    luxurious bathrooms


    A chevron-patterned polished-stone wall adds interest to this slelek design from GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens of Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia. Against a limited palette, a splash of greenery brightens this calming space. Matte-black fixtures, trim, and hardware are a bold choice rather than traditional metals.

  • 16 Accent on Blue
    luxurious bathroom

     Brian Klaas

    Los Angeles is the land of many styles, as evidenced by this en-suite bathroom that blends touches of Art Deco, Moderne, and a wonderful blue wall that defies classification. A collaboration of Brian Klaas and Robin Dorman Design Concepts, the bathroom features black and white marble tile detailing on the “rug” and tub.


  • 17 Pago Pago West
    luxurious bathrooms

     Banyan Photography

    Unexpected touches of vivid colors distinguish a modern home in Florida designed by Architecture Joyce Owens. All bathroom showers have brilliant mosaic tiles; the master bath’s curbless corner shower is a stunning mix of purples.

  • 18 Cool Mint
    luxurious bathroom

     Manolo Langis

    An iconic board-formed concrete structure located near Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades, California, sat neglected for years until SUBU Design Architecture and a team of professionals reimagined the space into a mix of Industrial chic meets California zen. Walls and floors of the new bathroom in this unit are made of Carrara marble panels, with plumbing fixtures by Waterworks.


  • 19 Vintage Charm
    luxurious bathroom

     Alan Design Studio

    An eclectically furnished home in Winnetka, Illinois features a charming bathroom by Alan Design Studio that includes a one-of-a-kind flea market mirror, Porcher fixtures, and peach-colored wallpaper in a vintage design.

  • 20 In-Law En Suite
    luxurious bathrooms

     Moss Building

    With in-laws moving in with the family in Fairfax, Virginia, Moss Building and Design was tasked with creating a luxurious master bath that was part of a separate suite which also includes a bedroom, kitchen, and living space. The owners decided to repurpose furniture  and accessories to create an area that reflects the tastes of their senior family members.

13 Free Farmhouse Table Plans

Dinner at a farmhouse table

Building a farmhouse table is a fairly straightforward project that even a beginner can handle. These plans include cut lists, material lists, diagrams, photos, and written instructions so you can tackle the project and come out with a great looking handmade table at the end.

Use one of these free farmhouse table plans to build a kitchen table that will put your home to the top of the style list. These are so in style right now and you can save a ton of money by building one yourself.

These farmhouse table plans are all a little bit different so be sure to look through them all. They come in a variety of sizes and they all have details that you can add to make them uniquely yours. If a farmhouse table isn’t exactly what you are after maybe a dining room table that’s more on the contemporary side will pique your interest.

Decor and the Dog’s Free Farmhouse Table Plan

A farmhouse table with mismatched chairs

This particular farmhouse table from Decor and the Dog ends up standing 29 inches off the ground, is 96 inches long, and will be 42 inches wide when completed.

The instructions for this farmhouse table are easy to follow because the plan shows up close illustrations and dimensions alongside the steps, neither of which are difficult to understand.

The cut list and list of materials are also included in the plan.

At the very bottom of this page at Decor and the Dog are related links like how to finish the farmhouse table, and how to paint the chairs you see in this picture.

Free X Brace Farmhouse Table Plan from Cherished Bliss

farmhouse table

This free farmhouse table plan features X braces on either side and a small industrial touch with a metal pipe reaching across the bottom of the table.

The free plan includes step-by-step how-to instructions, a tool list, a materials list, parts and cuts list, and some extra tips.

Free Pottery Barn Inspired Farmhouse Table Plan from Shanty 2 Chic

A farmhouse table with benches in a dining room

Here’s a beautiful DIY farmhouse table that features a stunning table along with two benches. It’s inspired by a Pottery Barn farmhouse table but only costs $100 to build.

A PDF of the free plans includes diagrams, a cut list, a materials list, and building directions.

Ana White’s Free Farmhouse Table Plan

A farmhouse table in a dining room

Ana White has done a great job putting together this plan for a farmhouse table. It’s easy to follow because the instructions and illustrations are very easy to read.

In this plan are not only the instructions but also a full list of items you need to have to complete it, including the required tools.

Ana White’s Free “Husky” Farmhouse Table Plan

A wide farmhouse table with flowers

This is another free farmhouse table plan from Ana White but doesn’t look as “nice” as the one from above.

In addition to the shopping list, tools list, and instructions through the link above ​are a printer-friendly version and a PDF you can download.

Free Farmhouse Table Plan at DIY Projects with Pete
A farmhouse table in a dining room

Four Zero Six Enterprises

Here’s another free farmhouse table plan, this one from DIY Projects with Pete. I like this plan because not only are there lots of pictures and notes, but an instructional video is also available.

This plan also links to more information on building the matching benches.

Free Farmhouse Table Plan at HGTV
A dark wood farmhouse table

This farmhouse table from HGTV is 96 inches long, 38 inches wide, and stands 30 inches off the floor.

The step-by-step instructions include illustrations that are easy to read and understand, and all the materials you’ll need are listed out for you, including the different cuts you’ll need to make for the pieces.

Free Farmhouse Table Plan at Instructables

A farmhouse table in a workshop

Instructables has this free farmhouse table plan available that shows you how to build the table in 5 steps.

The plan starts off with explaining how to make the legs of the table and goes on to describe the base, tabletop, and finish. Real pictures are included with the steps.

Free Farmhouse Table Plan at Popular Mechanics

A farmhouse table on a natural rug

Here is another free farmhouse table plan that comes from Popular Mechanics. There aren’t as many images in this plan as you’ll see in the most of the others in this list, but there are lots of written instructions.

Like most of these plans, a list of materials is shown before you start so you know exactly how many pieces of each item you’ll need before beginning.

Life Storage’s Free DIY Farmhouse Table Plan

Picture of a farmhouse table outside

If you have $300 to spare for a DIY 10-seater modern farmhouse table with a bench, then this is the woodworking plan for you.

Check out the link below for more pictures and to find the list of supplies and tools that you’ll need to build your own farmhouse table. Everything you see there is required to build the table and both benches.

The plans use real images to make it easy to follow along with. So start with the tabletop and then move along with the steps to build the whole table yourself.

Tommy & Ellie’s Free Farmhouse Table Plan

Tommy & Ellie have this free farmhouse table plan available that’s for a 96×41 farmhouse table, but the cut list for a smaller 72×41 table is also available.

Like most of the plans from this list, all the necessary materials that you’ll need to build the table are listed in the plan. This plan also includes drawings of the pieces and their dimensions, along with written instructions and real images of the construction process.

Domesticated Engineer’s Free Farmhouse Table Plan


Domesticated Engineer has this free plan that shows how you can build a farmhouse table for around $200.

There are lots of images and written instructions in this plan. The first set is for constructing the table, and the second part talks about finishing the table.

Before either set of instructions start, you can see all the materials, tools, and ​woodcuts you need, as well as an estimated cost for each material.

DIY French Farmhouse Dining Table from Handmade Haven
A farmhouse table and a bench in a dining room

Handmade Haven has a great DIY farmhouse table plan that’s the perfect cross between rustic, modern, and contemporary.

The free plan includes diagrams, building instructions, a materials list, a cut list, and color photos to help you build it.