20 Beautiful Beach House Living Rooms

Ways to Bring the Beach Home

Traditional beach house living room
 Diane Bergeron

Can’t afford a beach vacation this year? Don’t worry. With easy breezy beach style decorating you can get all the ambiance of a day at the beach without setting foot outside the house. And the best news of all? It’s an easy and versatile style that can be modified to suit any style of home

Open and Airy

Relaxing beach house living room
 Butler Armsden Architects

A sandy color palette with touches of blue is perfectly reminiscent of the sea and surf in this home by Butler Armsden Architects. To make the most of this type of palette try to stick with an open layout and limit the use of furniture and accessories. The idea here is to create an open, airy atmosphere, similar to what’s happening just outside.

Light Blue Living Room With Natural Textures

Blue beach-style living room
 Dean J. Birinyi Photography/Sabrina Alfin Interiors

A basic beach house living room is easy to achieve if you use the right combination of color and materials like designer Sabrina Alfin did here. Soft blue paint, sand and stone colored fabrics and driftwood accents combine seamlessly to make an afternoon in this living room feel like a day at the beach.

Shiplap Detail

White beach house living room with pink accents

 ​Indian River Furniture

One of the best ways to get a beachy or coastal look is with shiplap, as seen here in this living room courtesy of Indian River Furniture. While some liken it more with farmhouse style, it’s been historically more associated with nautical or “cape cod” style. The wide, horizontal planks evoke a sense of casual simplicity, and isn’t that what beach style is all about?


Contemporary beach house living room
 Lissett Homes

To make the connection from the outdoors to the indoors virtually seamless, consider a largely white color scheme with slim, streamlined furniture, like this beach house from Lissett Homes. In this beach house living room, there’s a sense of openness thanks to the large window and minimalist interior. Pops of sea blue help to maintain the beachy personality amidst all the white.

Green Accents

Green and white beach house living room
 Dan Cutrona/Donna Elle Seaside Living

Sometimes beach style is more about the feeling created than it is about the color palette. While the accent color in this beach style living room from Donna Elle is green rather than blue, it still has that easy breezy relaxed beach style thanks in part to the sandy off-white backdrop, scalloped edge furniture, coastal artwork, and shell details.

Striped Walls

Beach house with striped walls
 Chosen Property Photography

Leather couches and Persian rugs aren’t often associated with beach style decorating, but this beach house living room, courtesy of Chosen Property Photography, proves that this style can’t be pigeonholed. Despite the unexpected furnishings, the rough-hewn floors and wicker chairs add a sense of casual beach flair. And notice the colors of the horizontal stripes on the walls—totally reminiscent of the beach horizon where the sand meets the water.

Beachy Glam

Cozy beach house living room
 Jonathon Edwards Media/Stephen Alexander Homes

While beach style is often considered easy and breezy, there’s no reason why those who like their home to be a little more lavish can’t partake. This elegant living room from Stephan Alexander Homesadds a little bit of glam to the relaxed style with mirrored coffee tables, delicate details and oodles of accessories. Just like the woman who wears jewelry and heels to the beach, this room considers the environment but follows its own glamorous rules.

Sandy Neutrals

Beach style living room
 Scenic Sotheby’s International Realty/Houzz

Living on the beach is great, except for one problem—sand. It gets tracked inside and can be a huge pain to deal with. To make cleaning easier and reduce the amount of sand that gets caught up in fabrics, consider eliminating rugs and going solely with bare floors, like the owners of this property from Scenic Sotheby’s International Realty did. While rugs tend to add a certain cozy factor, in beachside residences you can often get away without them.

Pops of Color

Bright beach house living room
 Mathew Bolt/Houzz

Liven up a beach house living room with bright hits of coral. While beach style is often associated with the colors of the sand and sea, people tend to ignore what’s going on under the surface of the water. Bright colors abound, and there’s no reason not to include them in a beach style room. In this bold beachy room, courtesy of Mathew Bolt, both patterns and colors are reminiscent of coral which livens up the space and adds an element of tropical fun.

Shades of Gray

Gray beach house living room
 Carolyn Thayer Interiors

Beach style can differ very much depending on location. A tropical beach style is quite different than a northern beach style. The further north you go, the easier it is to incorporate shades of gray. This muted beach style living room from designer Carolyn Thayer speaks to the cool grays found in the Northeast—it’s light and breezy during the day, and warm and cozy at night.

Ocean Themed Accessories

Beach style living room
 Spang Builders

Reinforce a beach style aesthetic with accessories. In this room from Spang Builders almost every single accessory, from the pieces of driftwood to the painted seascapes, to the large boat sculpture, relate to the ocean in some way. When combined with the relaxed furniture and soft color palette, the result is 100% beach style.

Driftwood Inspired

Beach inspired living room

Contrary to popular belief, blue is not a necessary component of a beach house living room. Brown, beige and stone are more than sufficient for creating a feeling of coastal relaxation. The key is to include materials that are reminiscent of those washed up by the ocean—in the case of this neutral room from Out In Design, driftwood. The rough wood lamps and the beach-inspired table they’re sitting atop of really help to bring the beach theme home in this room.

Small Beach Cottage

Small beach house living room
 Starr Sanford Design

In any small space it’s important to get creative with storage. Since beach activities often require a lot of accessories and equipment, it can be tricky to find room to store all of it. In this beach style living room from Starr Sanford Design, a surfboard is hung on the wall, making for a smart storage solution and a great beach house accessory.

Elegantly Relaxed Living Room

Open concept beach house
 Echelon Interiors

Cool, calm and collected defines this beach house living room from Echelon Interiors. Soothing tones mix pleasantly with driftwood and wicker accents, and classic architectural details to create an elegant but relaxed space.

Floor to Ceiling Windows in a Living Room

Beach house living room
 Evergreen Building Systems

Try designing a beach house living room so that it feels enveloped by the sea and sand surrounding it. From color to texture to pattern (or lack thereof), try to recreate the ambiance of the seaside so that the break between outdoor and indoor is minimal. In this royal room from Evergreen Homes, the large windows are unencumbered by window treatments in order to maximize the connection with the outdoors.

Blue Hues

Blue and white beach house living room
 Kimberly Gavin/Studio 80 Interior Design

To say that the ocean is blue is a bit of an understatement. There are countless shades of blue in the sea, and therefore there can be countless shades of blue in an ocean-inspired living room. In this beachy pad from Studio 80 shades from navy all the way to aqua are incorporated, giving it not just beach style, but ocean style.

Architectural Geometry

Minimalist beach house
 Pacific Edge Builders

Let a room’s architecture speak for itself. The minimalist decor in this beach house living room from Pacific Edge Builders allows the beautiful ceiling details as well as the vertical lines of the floor and walls to stand out. The geometric lines of the furniture and accessories help to reinforce the clean and crisp look.

Cool and Crisp

Miami beach condo

A cool and crisp living room is a great juxtaposition to the heat and humidity of the beach. To create a look like this Miami beach room from MRA Design start with a clean, white backdrop and then pepper in hits of strong blue. This works particularly well with a contemporary slant, so keep all the lines clean and the frills to a minimum.

Sand Over Surf

Traditional beach house living room
 Diane Bergeron

When it comes to sand and surf, most people focus on the surf. But sandy colors are great for creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The real standout in this sandy living room from Diane Bergeron is the wide expanse of sand-colored fabric across the window. Not only does it help to enhance the beach theme,  but it helps to draw attention to the striking architectural beams above.

Airy Beach House Living Room

Airy beach house living room
 Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design

When you’ve got a large expanse of windows looking out over something so beautiful, don’t detract from it by overdoing the interior design. While comfort is certainly key in this beach house living room from Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design, there’s nothing that immediately draws the eye and takes away from the view. It’s all about casual comfort and the connection to the outdoors.

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